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Super Delicious Chocolates at Dean's Sweets

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, it's only appropriate to tell you about a special shop in Portland, Maine.....Dean's Sweets!  Because on Valentine's Day, chocolates and cards are the perfect combination!  We were so excited when Kristin reached out and ordered some cards for the shop last year.

I first met Dean and Kristin Bingham at a small craft show in York, Maine in 2012. It's so great to be able to recommend to you another husband and wife team who are enjoying a wonderful business together!

Dean is the chocolatier at Dean's Sweets, and is a true master of his craft. You will LOVE these amazing chocolates!  There are so many flavors....spicy, boozy, fruity....something for you for sure!  We were there at the end of the summer and enjoyed chocolate covered blueberries....delicious!  My favorite is the dark chocolate covered coconut.  Their truffles are incredible and the signature item at Dean's Sweets.   (Note to our brides and grooms-truffles make a fabulous wedding favor!)

You can order your chocolates efficiently on line at the website or visit Dean's Sweets chocolate shop in person.  The store location is at 475 Fore Street in the Old Port in Portland, Maine.  Their store is beautifully appointed and you are sure to find something super delicious to enjoy....either for yourself or for your Valentine sweetheart.  I highly recommend you go in to visit the shop!! The scents that greet your nose as you walk through the door are nothing short of heavenly!  Dean even offers truffle making classes. The class size is small so you can ask all the questions you want and get full enjoyment from the experience.   Hmmmm.....Being surrounded by chocolate, talking about chocolate with an expert, and breathing in the scent of chocolate....that sounds like a fun afternoon to me!

Be sure to check out Dean's Sweets, whether for Valentine's day or any other time of year. You are sure to find a delicious treat that will make you smile.

A picture is worth a thousand words!  Mouth watering photos by Melissa Mullen.
Shelf photo with El's Cards displayed-by El.