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Ring in the New Year with 3 fun surprises!

Happy New Year!!  Bob and I hope you had a wonderful and peaceful holiday season. We had a great month celebrating Christmas with family and friends.  I can't remember the last December when we had so many dinner dates and took a few nights off.  We are so busy all year, it was important to make some fun plans throughout the holiday season (even though we basically still worked 7 days a week!).

Christmas eve we spent enjoying homemade Chinese food at a small family gathering.  And after seeing how easy they are to use, we may treat ourselves to an air fryer.  Lots of laughs and games to end the evening.

On Christmas day, we slept in (always a good morning when we can do this), then had a nice quiet morning drinking coffee and opening gifts with Sunny and Marty.  Marty does love swiping ornaments from the tree this year.

The day before, Bob had spent hours preparing his famous signature dish, homemade lasagna.  We headed to Mum's in Old Orchard to enjoy the day.  Between seeing the sweet new baby in the family and enjoying lots of laughs during the annual Yankee swap, it was truly a perfect celebration.  That night I said to Bob what a great day it was- and it went by too quickly.  His comment was "the good ones always do!"  So true!

So this year coming up is a big one for El's Cards. It's our 25th year in business! It seems like we were just celebrating our 20th year. We're working on a few ideas to say thank you to all of our awesome customers in the year to stay tuned for more details!  

Meanwhile...we're kicking of 2024 with 3 fun things!

1.  I created a FREE downloadable whimsical desktop wallpaper featuring one of our most popular designs-baby animals in the snow.  It's available in the desktop size, tablet size, and the phone too.

New year wallpaper 2024

Scroll to the bottom of this page for all the instructions for downloading the size you need of device wallpaper!

2. BIG New Year SALE!! This is super exciting!  We had some items that we overordered or reordered so we have a surplus on several items....including our popular desk calendars.  Our show schedule changed a bit and we had prepared for a certain number of shows.

All items on the SALE PAGE are at least 30% off and many items have limited quantities. If you see something you like-definitely grab it.  As some of you know from our past holiday sales, things sell out very quickly.  Which leads me to our third FUN bit of news!

3.  NH Chronicle on WMUR channel 9 is re-airing the El's Cards segment on Monday, January 1st (that's tonight!!) at 7pm EST. Some of you might remember how excited we were to be featured on this great local NH program!  Well, we're excited all over again to be sharing this news and kicking off 2024 this way :)  If you aren't in NH, you can stream it here.

After the show aired last year, the response on the website was incredible. We have no way of knowing what will happen this year, but we are thinking that we may be getting a few orders after the show!  And the Sale Page will likely be a favorite destination.

So that's the big news to kick off 2024!  We are looking forward to the year to come. So many new designs to paint...maps to create...the ideas just don't stop!  

Here are the simple instructions for downloading the free device wallpaper:

 -Select the size you need:

(desktop widescreen) Click here for 1920 x 1080
(tablet) Click here for 1024 x 768
(phone) Click here for smartphone

-When the image opens, right click the image

-Select "save as" and label it as you wish...New Year 2024 wallpaper or Baby Animals a place where you can find it.

-Go to your settings page in the computer

-Go to Personalization in the settings

-Browse images and grab it from where you have it saved.  It will set as home page wallpaper. If you have trouble, ask your favorite millennial  or "gen-z"er for help!

Enjoy your NEW device wallpaper!  Download it to all of your devices and feel free to share this post with anyone you think might like it. 

We sincerely wish you a happy happy New Year and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being a wonderful customer!  We are so grateful for your support of our small business.
El & Bob
Marty & Sunny