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Bonjour, mes amies! NEW Watercolor Map of PARIS!

Bonjour, mes amies!  It's been a while since I have done a blog post.  The rain is coming down (April showers today...looking forward to those May flowers!).  We are still here and hard at work in our New Hampshire studio. We have had a super busy year thus far...lots of great new projects are in the works.  We started off the year with a nonstop month of January--wedding save the dates and invitation mailings, contracts and custom wedding projects, website fine tuning, and business "catch up" as we like to do in the winter.

Our maps are one of our most popular types of artwork, and I have been dying to go international with these for years!  Last year we launched our first of the international series-Ireland. That map has been an incredible success.  Ever since then, we have had requests for so many different places...and Paris was high on that list, so I decided that would be the next map.

My Aunt Kathy started me off with a great list of places to include, then I reached out to friends, family, and Paris-loving clients for ideas of the most important things and places to put on the map.  Working from an ever growing list, Bob helped find me images of historic buildings and other details, while I continued my research and worked on figuring out the best way to do this painting.  Paris has a multitude of historical locations, museums, charming cafes, gardens, parks, and neighborhoods. The research was FUN!  Now when Bob and I go to Paris, I have a lot of great ideas for where to visit.

So many steps...the research took the most time but here's how the rest of it goes!  This is (for me) the fun part!

Pencil first...then add ink.

On to two versions of paint.....

Then....ta da! The final original map

We are very happy to introduce our NEW Paris map! Just in time for Spring :) While researching Paris, I really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful gardens, blossoming trees, lush green spaces, and flowers!  So I thought it was appropriate to paint some popular Parisian flower varieties around the perimeter.

This beautiful new map is available framed or unframed in all our usual sizes--8" x 10", 11" x 14", 16" x 20", or 22" x 28".

The original painting was a 16" x 20", so we recommend selecting that grand size or our tres grand size- 22" x 28". This extra large map size is available framed only-with three different frame style choices.

As a little sidenote, we will be out of the studio from April 26th-May 3rd to celebrate our 15 year wedding anniversary.  Bob will be filling orders between now and then...and then again when we return to the studio on May 6th.  We're leaving Marty in charge again, but he can only do so much!

Hope you love the new map!! Stay tuned for some new cards and surprises coming for Mother's Day in the next few days! 

Have a great weekend,

El & Bob
Sunny & Marty