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A Fun Topic of Conversation on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!  It has been such a wonderful year.  It's hard to believe that the holidays are here.  Our holiday season has already started off strong on the website and the shows have been super busy as well.  We truly appreciate all of your support and great orders!

This afternoon, I'm finishing up another painting version of our popular custom print, Your Beloved Bookshelf.  This one has a sweet stuffed bunny painting and is done especially with children's books in mind. I've had a lot of requests for this, and am happy to finally have the time to paint the design.  Also, I had mentioned on our Holiday launch day that I would be doing this artwork....and have had a couple of requests since then! ;)  As my good friend Liz says, I get things done because of a combination of deadlines (for me self imposed....) and peer pressure!  See the Bunny in process below...and the completed version below that!... it's available for order here! 

Your Beloved Bookshelf Bunny

Beloved Bunny

Since many people will be visiting with family and friends over the next few days, I thought it would be fun to answer some questions I often get about this fun gift!  Thanksgiving is a great opportunity for you to drop some subtle (or not so subtle) hints about sending the favorite book list.  

Your Beloved Bookshelf FAQs
What is "Your Beloved Bookshelf"?  
It is a special customized print that celebrates the person's love of reading, and to give them a beautiful gift that will make them smile every day.  OR if you are a big reader, this is a great treat for yourself ;)
How do you get the book lists from the gift recipient?  Keep it simple-just ask them to email or text you the list of their ten favorites-and don't overthink it! 
What if they ask why I need their favorite 10 books list? When I was asked this very question, there were a couple of ways I responded-depending upon who the person was...  A.) "I'm working on a little project and am doing research." 
B.)  It's a surprise!  Please don't ask questions!
How long does it take to receive my Beloved Bookshelf print? Typically, we have a two week turnaround time for this special gift. To order for an on time Christmas delivery this year, our deadline date is Friday, December 8th.  Please note, this date may change depending upon the number of orders received.  
Are these custom prints available framed? Yes!  We have three frame styles available to order with your bookshelf print.
Help! What do I do if I have more than 10 books?  Again, don't overthink it!  The best way to make the list is to go with the first ten that pop into your head.  One of my favorite sayings is "Analysis leads to paralysis!"  There is no perfect book list.  Since painting the first design last fall, I have read a couple of books that would definitely be on my Beloved Bookshelf list. As avid readers, that list will always be changing.
Was this design really hand painted?  Yes!  All the work that I do is originally painted by hand in the El's Cards studio in Greenland, NH.  And that means I pick up a paintbrush and watercolor all of my designs (as opposed to digital painting, which you will see frequently by others on the internet these days).  These book designs have been especially fun because I need to figure out the best way the books will be piled, or lean, or stand, to make the most of the design space.
hand painted books
Do you write the book titles in calligraphy by hand?  Your custom book titles are added to the chosen artwork in a varied mixture of my original fonts-in colors that coordinate well with the book spines.

Are you offering some sort of a special for the holiday weekend? Yes!  Of course we are doing something special for the holiday weekend!  That email will be coming on Friday.  But in the meantime, we wanted our email list to have the first dibs on our special we are doing for Your Beloved Bookshelf right now!

Can I give my special person a gift card so they can order their own Beloved Bookshelf?  You certainly can!  We have E-Gift Cards available for purchase in many denominations.

Drumroll please.......While the frames last, you can have your Bookshelf print framed for FREE all weekend!   Here's how to get your print framed for free: First, place your order for the Your Beloved Bookshelf design of your choice, with the 10 book titles and authors. Design layouts include the following:  Teacup, Coffee Cup, Plant, Reading Glasses, Baseball, Hydrangea, NEW Bunny.
Second, select your frame from the three choices on the main Your Beloved Bookshelf page. As long as we have the frame you want in stock, it's all yours!  Very important! You must add the frame to your shopping cart in order to receive your free frame. If you do not select a frame, your custom artwork will not be framed. NO coupon code needed. Just check out.  Our wood frames have a value of $26-$36.

And definitely keep an eye out for something special coming on Black Friday (and all weekend).  Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving day!

We thank you for reading and for your interest in our small business!
El & Bob
(Marty & Sunny too!)