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At El's Cards, we are happy to offer semi-custom wedding invitations to everyone.  Every suite is designed by hand with great care in El's own signature watercolor style.  The special invitation fonts we use are our very own-and are totally exclusive to El's Cards. Our font styles are created from El's own calligraphy.  If you like separate pieces from a couple of different invitation suites, we are happy to mix and match designs for you.   Learn more in this blog post for more detail on how we can do this for you.

You can really make your invitation your own.  Most of the time this can be done without a design fee when you are using current layouts. What does this mean from a cost standpoint?  That means a customized suite using our existing layouts and designs will have a median price of $7.15 each for 100 count 4-piece wedding suites.  

Or if you want something 100% custom, we can do that too.  El has had the privilege of working with many couples and creating completely unique invitation suites just for them.  She is happy to put paintbrush to paper just for you if there is something special you have in mind!  Whether it is a scenic wedding location, a unique wedding theme,  a painting of your own wedding bouquet, or something else entirely, she would love to work with you. 

General pricing for 100% custom is as follows:
**Invitation artwork starts at $2,000 for initial custom paintings and then print pricing per suite after that. A 4-piece suite includes invitation/envelope with return on the flap and reply card/your address on the front of that envelope.  Popular additions include schedule of events (often on the back of a custom map-see custom maps here), envelope liner, enclosure card, details card, ribbon or belly bands, heavy cardstock backing, wax seal...the possibilities are endless when it's fully custom.  You will then choose between either hand or digital calligraphy addressing and assembly as part of the custom suite experience.  

If you are purchasing a full custom wedding invitation suite, we require a purchase of wedding day paper goods to be printed here in the El's Cards studio at a minimum total of $1,500.  These items can include seating chart, escort cards, menus, ceremony programs, signage, and more.   

Between the invitation and wedding day items, you should plan to spend an average minimum of $4,000-$4,500 on a custom design and all the special print pieces we create just for you! And worth mentioning, all of El's designs are hand painted-with a paintbrush and paints right in her own studio.  All designs are unique to El's Cards and tailored to be exactly what you want.

What if you have already purchased invitations elsewhere, but would like custom elements for your wedding day?  El is happy to take on a few select projects like this every year.  For Wedding Day Custom only-design starts at $1,000 and minimum purchase for paper goods is $1,500.  So you should plan on a minimum of $2,500 in your wedding day stationery budget. 

If you like El's artwork but aren't looking for fully custom work for the wedding day, we can create many a la carte items from the thousands (yes-thousands)-of designs in our original artwork library.  Just ask!  It is not unusual for our clients to find us later in the planning process and we love to work with people on special wedding day items only.  Please keep in mind that if you are looking for a specific special painting (of a beloved pet for your drink sign for example), cost will revert back to the Wedding Day Custom minimum.

Custom invitation design does not include a custom map.  If you are interested in a hand painted, personalized map, this is a great additional feature to the custom invitation suites.  They go beautifully with our invitations because the map takes on some of the invitation features...and they are all created with each couple in mind.  Sometimes our couples like to print a schedule of events on the back.  Anything is possible!

Please note: Due to copyright laws and the need to protect our work, we do not permit our designs to be printed outside of the El's Cards studio, and will never give permission for this to be done.  Thank you for understanding.

We are located on the seacoast of New Hampshire, but have worked with brides and grooms all over the country. Initially, it is best to set up an appointment to meet-either in person at El's studio or on the phone.  We would love to discuss your invitation ideas and set the wheels in motion for your own custom design. Please do reach out to set up a meeting. We look forward to putting something together for you! 

After we meet or chat, you can get the ball rolling by making your deposit by credit card here.

"El has been a pleasure to work with from day one!  I was introduced to El after seeing invitations she did for a friend.  She has since been extremely accommodating, helpful, and flexible!  She is willing to go above and beyond for her clients.  Her artwork is so unique and beautiful!  Since my invitations have gone out, I’ve gotten countless compliments on their creativity and beauty.  I look forward to working with El in the future and highly recommend her! She’s made this process such an ease.”-Katie-Cambridge, MA 

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