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One last little addition....for 2023

So.....this one is super late to the Christmas tree ornament party.....but would be a great last minute addition for someone special!  About a month ago, one of my friends suggested we do an ornament for a newly engaged couple.  And at the time I was super busy so I put it to the back of my mind.

But!  One of our favorite couples just got married recently so I thought to add that special detail in paint pen to the back of our 2023 commemorative snowflake ornament.  My friend loved it!  And we hope you do too.  So until they are gone, I will add a short personalization in gold paint pen (30 character max) on the back of our 2023 snowflake ornament.

Perfect for couples who got married this year (as shown in the example) or got engaged! Also great for new babies with name and date of birth.  

This service is only being offered on our 2023 snowflake ornament, because of the size and space for writing.

personal snowflake ornament

Here's how to add personalization to your order.  Please read this carefully!  

Step 1:Put your 2023 snowflake ornament in your shopping cart.

Step 2:Go to the box that says "Special instructions or notes for El" on the bottom left side.

Step 3: VERY IMPORTANT!!!  Do not use an "&" in that box. Your text will be cut off.

If it is for a newly married couple, please enter their info like this (first names only):
first name 1 and first name 2 got married
wedding date (if desired)

For newly engaged couple-do it like this:
first name 1 and first name 2
got engaged

Or for a baby-
Full name (first, middle, last)

Or if this is too confusing, you can email me the needed info at  I must receive all personalization info either on your order when you check out, or through email by the end of the day on Saturday, December 16th if we are shipping for you to receive by Christmas.

December 16th is our last day for ordering to have items shipped in time for Christmas.  Bob is doing his last Christmas postal run on Monday, December 18th.

If you are doing front porch pickup, the last day to order is Wednesday, December 20th.

Our gift sets are flying out the door!  If you haven't seen them, there are still some great choices available.

Have a great weekend!
El & Bob