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Art Prints for your Home

We are thrilled to introduce to you something NEW and special-just in time for Valentine's Day!  It's our new collection of prints!  Florals, birds, scenes, quotes...we are starting out with 15 original designs and will be adding more as time goes on!! 

Watercolor floral prints

For Christmas of 2016, we had some special mats in stock, so we designed our first line of prints as a Christmas collection.  We brought them to the craft shows, and they did incredibly well so we added them to the website and almost sold out completely!  So now we will have prints available year round at El's Cards.

Each of our prints is sold in a high quality, Crescent brand double mat.  The outer mat color is ivory and the inner mat color will be harmonious to the print design.  We hope you find these prints a great treat for yourself.  And they make a great gift too!  They are a special touch to any spot in your home that needs a little color added, or several together make a beautiful grouping.


Dahlias print

 This photo and cover photo both by Melissa Mullen