Assorted Wedding Signage
Assorted Wedding Signage Assorted Wedding Signage guest book sign signature drink sign signature drink sign Assorted Wedding Signage signature drink sign in loving memory sign Assorted Wedding Signage dessert sign wedding cake sign Assorted Wedding Signage signature drink sign guest book sign guest book sign signature drink sign welcome sign welcome sign phone free ceremony sign food ingredients signs wedding cake sign wedding cake sign wedding cake sign dessert sign assorted wedding signage wedding cake sign treat sign assorted signage guest book sign reserved sign signature drink sign guest book sign blanket sign Assorted Wedding Signage

The big day is right around the corner!  Signage is a small detail that my couples often need at the last minute!  Don't worry...we've got you covered!  We can create signs that will look beautiful with your wedding decor.  Hand lettered in calligraphy or created in our own exclusive fonts, these signs add a special touch.

The following are a few of the most common signs we are asked to create:

  • Cards (to be placed near a box on the gift table)
  • Guest Book (especially if you have a sign in board or a unique guest book format)
  • Loving Memory signs (to be placed near photos of beloved family members)
  • Cakes and Desserts (cake flavors, gluten free options, grandma's recipe, etc.)
  • Signature Drinks (these can be a lot of fun if we include illustrations of the ingredients)
  • Foods for a buffet table (often including ingredients)
  • Reserved
  • Welcome (to greet your guests at the door)
  • Hashtags (to make it easy for guests to share their photos)
  • Photo Booth (to direct your guests)
  • Flip Flops, Shawls, Umbrellas, Etc. (to be prepared for anything!)

You can see a number of examples above of different signage we have created...and many of them are in the venue so you get the full effect of how they could potentially look at your own wedding celebration.  We can use any ink color and have so many great choices of watercolor designs.

We have coordinating table numbers and signs to tell your guests where they will be seated.  We can also create large menu signs, and program signs too!  Just let us know what you need to make your celebration special.  Of course, the best sign of all is the hand painted seating chart!

All signage is done at an hourly rate. If you send us your signage wording, we are happy to give you an estimate.  Frames can also be purchased to pull the entire look together.

Thank you for the beautiful photos: Geneve Hoffman, Brea McDonald, Nathan Moreau, Emily Delamater, Greta Tucker, Melissa Mullen, The Light and Color, Kivalo Photography, Karen Lewis, Rachel Halsey, and Justine Yandle.