Shell New Plan
Shell New Plan Shell New Plan

Because of COVID-19, many things are changing in our world on a daily basis. I have been communicating with our 2020 wedding clients, and my heart breaks for all of our couples in these uncertain times.  Bob and I talked about it at the end of last week, and would like to help however we can.

I have come up with a few simple designs in postponement cards, and I hope that one of them will work for you!  This heading was painted in watercolor calligraphy.  There is one simple shell at the bottom. We have a lot of coastal weddings every year, so thought this shell would be a great choice for our New England clients especially.  The bottom section wording can be modified if needed.  You may or may not have set a new date yet...and we can work with either situation for you.

There are 3 different versions.  The FREE version is a low resolution digital version.  All you need to do is Contact me  or email me at and I will take your names and create the announcement for you, using our wording and design choice from the styles we are offering.  You can put it on your wedding website and email it to your guests. You may even want to use a digital email service like Greenvelope.

We will also have a high resolution digital version available if you would like to DIY.  Link HERE for this version.  

If selecting the purchase from El's Cards option, you will receive our usual high quality product. The price is very reasonable because we want to help! These printed cards are $1.50 each.

• 5" x 7" is printed on heavy 110# high quality card stock
• Minimum order is 20-and orders are done in multiples of 10
• Envelope is included
• Made in New Hampshire 

$ 30.00