Buoys Escort/Place Card
Buoys Escort/Place Card Buoys Escort/Place Card
This buoy design was created to accompany the Pair of Lobsters Wedding Suite.  These unique cards add a touch of beauty to any event. Cards are created with artwork only. An escort card should have a name and seating assignment and the place card displays the guest name only.
  • Printed on high quality 80# card stock
  • 3.5" across by 5" tall (2.5 inches when folded)
  • Minimum order is 10
  • Made in New Hampshire
Add El's hand-lettered calligraphy to make your place cards extra special. Please email El to order escort/place card calligraphy.
*Minimum of 10 required.
Pricing: 100 place cards for $100
Please note: Pricing will increase or decrease per quantity purchased.