Dover New Hampshire note card

Dover, New Hampshire is a city so rich in history. Bob took his time and did the research for this historical style map. Dover was a large hub for manufacturing long ago.  But did you know about the city's boat building origins, brickyards, and even a circus!?  So many fun details are included on this map.

El's map notes are created in calligraphy and watercolor paints. They feature local towns and favorite vacation spots too! These make a great gift...but don't forget to order a box for yourself. Lots of research on the locations brings in all the detail of your favorite places. Enjoy!

  • Available as 6 note cards and envelopes or as a single note card
  • Printed on high quality card stock
  • Card size is 4.25 X 5.5 folded
  • Made in New Hampshire
$ 18.00