Language of Flowers-Mix & Match
Language of Flowers-Mix & Match Language of Flowers-Mix & Match Language of Flowers-Mix & Match

Floriography is the "language of flowers". In Victorian times, these coded meanings were used to symbolize feelings through the flowers that people sent or used for certain occasions.   To this day, people still use flowers to express their sentiments. 

After reading a great fiction book (The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh) on this subject 6 years ago, El became obsessed with this concept!  She has been doing research on the language of flowers ever since then.  

In this collection, you will find a colorful assortment of flowers (from A-Z) and their symbolism.  Please keep in mind that in the modern day, flowers sometimes have several different meanings-these are simply some of El's favorites. 

This fun mixed box gives you the option to select 6 of your different favorites-or 3 and 3-or 2and 2 and get it! Any combination of 6 you wish. Just refer to our list below of the different flowers and their meanings, and put the first letters in the box on our order form, separated by commas. (H, C, E, G, P, W)-for example.

El's love of floral painting makes this the perfect subject matter for a number of fun products, including these note cards, a large print, and (especially) a beautiful full color cotton tea towel.

  • This is a box of 6 note cards
  • Printed on high quality 80# cotton card stock
  • Card size is 4.25 X 5.5 folded with envelope
  • Made in New Hampshire
Specify 6 note cards desired from the list below
(A) Alstroemeria--wealth & fortune
(B) Bluebell--constancy, humility
(C) Cosmos--order & harmony
(D) Dahlia--elegance, involvement
(E) Echinacea--strength & health
(F) Forget-me-not--true love, good memories
(G) Gerbera Daisy--innocence, cheerfulness
(H) Hydrangea--thank you for understanding
(I) Iris--faith & hope, admiration
(J) Juniper--strength & wisdom
(K) Kerria (Japanese rose)--wealth & prosperity
(L) Lilac--spirituality
(M) Magnolia--nobility, splendid beauty
(N) Nasturtium--patriotism, loyalty
(O) Orange Blossom--innocence
(P) Peony--honor, romance & beauty
(Q) Quesnelia--endurance & hardiness
(RO) Rose (orange)--fun, enthusiasm
(RP) Rose (pink)--joy & grace
(RR) Rose (red)--I love you
(S) Sunflower--devotion
(T) Tulip--perfect love
(U) Ursinia(African daisy)--innocent love
(V) Violet (blue)--faithfulness
(W) Wild Rose--love & adoration
(X) Xeranthemum (Strawflower)--cheerfulness in adversity
(Y) Yarrow--healing
(Z) Zinnia--lasting affection, friendship

$ 20.00 /ea.