Gingerbread Cookies Vintage Towel
Gingerbread Cookies Vintage Towel Gingerbread Cookies Vintage Towel

This gingerbread cookie recipe towel is new!  And I tested the's a good one!  Be sure if you try it to not overbake the cookies.  That's one of my favorite tricks-underbaking a teeny bit!

This towel is all dressed up with cookie ingredients, mixer, and retro stove...all in a fun red.  And of course...cute gingerbread cookies too!

The red stripes on the side give this towel a vintage feel. The material is 100% natural cotton and has a great texture.

Did you know that if you prefer the paper version, we also have a similar design available as a Christmas card

• Printed with water based ink and will not peel off with use.
• Lint free for kitchen cleaning or drying. Safe to wash, dry and iron (although because they are cotton, they may shrink a little if dried). 
• Towel size is 18" x 28" and 18" x 14" when folded. Towel sizes may vary a small amount because they are hand hemmed.
• Designed in New Hampshire-printed in the U.S.A. 

$ 22.00