Please note: Our calligraphy services are currently an exclusive item offered to our wedding paper goods clients only. 

We are also not taking on any custom calligraphy work at this time either.  It's great to be busy!  So very sorry we cannot take on any special projects at the moment.

When available, pricing a la carte is as follows:

Envelopes - outer envelope
**We have many ink colors available and can accommodate most color selections unless noted.
If special ink needs to be ordered, there will be a small fee incurred.

Tier 1 - $3.50 per envelope

Carie available in black or white ink only. Elscript available in limited colors.
Elscript calligraphy Steffanie calligraphy El's Cards

Tier 2 - $4.50 per envelope

Jennifer calligraphy El's Cards Laura calligraphy El's Cards Lisa calligraphy El's Cards
Mia calligraphy El's Cards
  • Inside envelope add $0.70 per set
  • 2 Ink colors: add $0.50 per set
  • White, gold, silver, or other metallic ink: add $0.50 per set (not available in El or Carie style)
  • Place card (name only) calligraphy pricing is $2.00 apiece.
  • Escort card (name and table assignment) calligraphy pricing is $2.50 for one guest on the card, or $3.50 for a couple on the card.
  • Table signs/numbers calligraphy pricing is $5.00 and up
  • Seating Charts calligraphy pricing ranges from $600+

Calligraphy to get started
Contact El asap to reserve your time on her calendar. Please allow at least 2 weeks once she has received your envelopes until the time they leave her capable hands. Certain times of year are busier than the earlier she can plan time for you, the better!

Guest list must be submitted in Microsoft Word exactly as you want things written. If you have questions on phrasing, please ask El.

Please include 20% extra envelopes of your final number of addresses needed. These allow for changes, additions and (gulp) mistakes....So if you have 100 addresses, please include at least 20 extra envelopes.

El must be paid in full upon pickup of your envelopes or before shipping the envelopes back to you.

"The first word that comes to mind with Ellen's work is AMAZING. I first found her by desperately searching last minute for someone to do calligraphy on my wedding invitations, now I know how lucky I am to have found her! The calligraphy on the invitations was the first thing anyone mentioned, her signature script truly set the perfect tone. From then it was wonderful to work with someone so professional and kind hearted on a couple of different details for the wedding day itself... she was so accommodating! After visiting her work studio and seeing some of her other projects, it's clear that her beautiful calligraphy is just the start of her extensive talents - if you're looking for something totally custom that will leave your wedding guests amazed I would highly recommend working with her!"-Marie H, Exeter, NH

"I wanted to thank you again for doing such a beautiful job with my envelopes! I just finished stuffing all of them and they are ready to be mailed!! I am sure you will hear from me again in the future for further projects!! Thank you so much for being so easy to work with!"

-Regina, Portsmouth, NH