Berwicks, Maine map
Berwicks, Maine map Map of Berwicks, Maine

Three charming towns in Southern Maine-Berwick, South Berwick, and North Berwick. Each location has its own special features. South Berwick is well known as being the home of Berwick Academy and the summer Strawberry Festival.  Berwick is home to the Maine Missile Math and Science Club (who knew?!) and Murdock Lake. You can find stunning Bauneg Beg Mountain in North Berwick.

El’s Cards maps are done in our signature watercolor and calligraphy style. Lots of research goes into creating these fun and whimsical maps of favorite vacation spots and local areas!

  • Available as 8x10, 11x14, and now 16x20
  • Printed on 80# high quality paper stock
  • Presented in a sealed cello sleeve with a 1/16” recycled fiber backing board
  • Made in New Hampshire
$ 30.00