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Introducing 2022 Desk Calendars!

It's been quite a summer!  Weddings are back and we have been non-stop busy.  We have had some personal challenges over the past couple of months, but we are happy to report that both Bob and I and "the boys" (as we have come to call Marty and Sundance) are all staying healthy and well.  I thought it was fitting to share a photo below of us working on our current calendar. Bob has a master calendar where he puts all the current jobs and events so we can stay organized about what is coming due and when things need to go out.'s all on paper-old school! Thank you to Jenn Bakos for coming and taking some wonderful photos earlier this summer-and capturing this and many other moments in the El's Cards typical day.  

El and Bob working

Needless to say, my "plan" (read-self imposed deadline) was to get the calendars completed and launch them on July 1st.  But life happened and here we are...mid-ish August. That's OK. It's been fun as always coming up with new designs for you to enjoy.  I did many new paintings for both calendars and these are two of my favorite calendars to date. Of course, Bob reminds me that I say this every year. What can I say? It's important to me that I love the things we are putting out there, so I like to be picky about the designs.  It's not unusual for me to do a painting a couple of times before it meets my expectations. The lilac painting below was one of my favorites from the spring, so it had to be included!

lilac painting

So without further ado....introducing A Colorful Year desk calendar.

colorful year calendar

And the returning favorite of so many of our friends, The Sea desk calendar.

the sea calendar

As we did last year, we have purchased some white wooden frames that are a great addition to your calendar order.  Limited supply though, so if you like them, don't hesitate!

wood frame

Signing off with a couple of pictures of the boys. Thank you again, Jenn Bakos Photography for capturing us all so beautifully!

El, Bob, Marty, & Sunny

Sunny bird