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Inspired by Nature - Birds

Years ago, when I was first starting out, the thought came to me....what if I run out of ideas one day?  I think at that point my next thought may have been....don't worry about that now. Just finish the job you are doing!

After being in business for a little while, I realized that ideas come from everywhere...but my greatest inspiration comes from nature.  The thing I love most is how imperfect it is.  No two flowers are exactly the same and even though they may have the same number of petals...they all look a little different.

A couple of years ago we got a bird feeder and hung it on the front of our enclosed front porch.  Every morning (in the warmer months of course), we go out there to drink our coffee.  The birds come in droves....we go through a lot of bird seed!  We joke that the word on the street is that we keep the feeder full all the time.  Of course, the cats, Spike and Annabelle, love watching them out the window too.

So of this gave me an idea to start doing some bird artwork.  For 2016, we did a bird calendar, "Tweet".  We had 12 different birds and most of them were painted especially for the calendar.  From a puffin to a hummingbird and flamingos....each month was colorful and fun to put together.  Of course, we never got any flamingos or puffins at our bird feeder...but the feeder really just jump started the ideas. That's how it often happens.

We have also put some of the more popular bird designs on cards  and bird notes! We are exploring the idea of doing some bird prints too.