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Happy Autumn Days...and Holiday Prep!

This is hands down my favorite time of the year!  The leaves are changing, the air is dry and cool, and I start lighting my pumpkin candles and try to enjoy the present moments...yet still thinking about the holiday season to come.  We are happy to have introduced some fun autumn items at the beginning of September, and they have been so well received!   In celebration of the gorgeous fall we are having this year, this weekend we will be offering one of our little specials.  Read on! Or skip to the end of the post.....

new autumn items

El's Cards enjoyed a wonderful wedding season this year!  One more fabulous wedding to go (this is a special one on New Year's Eve!). Last week we wrapped up 5 weddings...long days and nights of work for both myself and Bob. Luckily, we both enjoy working and each other ;)

Wrapping up weddings

We did take a nice weekend off the first weekend in October.  Originally we were scheduled to do one of our favorite shows in Camden, Maine. The show was cancelled as a Covid precaution, but we took the weekend to actually go and enjoy Camden. We never get to have down time when we are on the road for a show, so it was really a treat! Then....we came home to the week of 5 great weddings (lots of coffee and not much sleep!).

Camden view


Anyone who knows me, knows how outdoorsy I am! (A little joke there!)  When we told a friend about our adventures hiking on our weekend away, the first question was directed at me...Were you wearing appropriate footwear? And the answer to that was a resounding "of course not!".  But I did have a cute outfit-including the inappropriate footwear-it's covered up by my practical raincoat!  We were deep in the woods when it started raining and I was grateful I had opted for that fashion choice.  We may not be outdoorsy, but I get so much inspiration from being in nature. Looking at the flowers, the ocean, and enjoying the peace and quiet are where I start really focusing on new design ideas.  We saw the coolest tree growing around a big rock!  It was so quiet you could have heard a pin drop. We could hear the rain dripping through the trees.  Bob did mention something about bears...luckily that was not part of our nature experience.

cool tree and El

Now I'm hard at work in the studio painting NEW designs for some special holiday holiday tea towels need to be ordered, Christmas card designs completed, and guess what else?!  Our hydrangea gift wrap has been so popular, we have some special Christmas and Holiday wrapping paper coming in too!  So, stay tuned for those fun new items.

hydrangea gift wrap

In the meantime, there are some new autumn items.... notes, cards, a colorful tree tea towel, tags....and a new mini notepad called "Sweet on Fall"!  My new favorite!  As we prepare for the holiday season to come, we want to celebrate the current season with a fall special-just because it's the middle of October. 

Sweet on Fall notepad

Today through Sunday night (all weekend 10/15/21-10/17/21), we are offering 10% off AND a Sweet on Fall notepad with every order over $40.  NO coupon required! Just check out!  This super cute new notepad is mini in size and perfect to put in your bag or pocket for your errands list! Coffee and pumpkin not included ;)

Please note: wedding items are not included in this special.

OH, and how can I update on "the boys!"  Marty and Sundance just turned one year old!  It's hard to believe! They are still truly kittens and both are so friendly.  When clients come to pick up orders, they are always greeted first by Marty, then Sunny sidles in to see what's what.  They continue to be a joy around the El's Cards studio!

Marty models our Hydrangea Bouquet tea towel here.

Marty modeling hydrangea

And Sunny gazes hopefully on at you from my dining chair.

Sunny at the table

Stay tuned for all the holiday fun to be launched the first week of November...meanwhile...enjoy this most beautiful of autumns.

xoxo El, Bob, Marty, and Sundance

Studio photos by Jenn Bakos Photography