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A two year milestone with a special post from Bob

I wake up in the morning and feel like I am still engaged in an argument. As the dream starts to fade and I shake off the sleepiness, the dream seems more like a nightmare. I was having an argument with a customer, the customer wanted a refund for a home heating oil purchase because they had moved out of the apartment. I suggested that the customer speak with the landlord about a refund and to charge the new renter of the property for the oil. The customer would not accept this and so an argument was in process and then I woke up. It’s hard to believe it has been 2 years since I left the Oil & Propane company. I must be suffering from some sort of PTSD.

I started working full time with my wife Ellen, at her business El’s Cards, in April of 2015. She immediately called it our business, which is a testament to how kind and giving she is. She is the creative force behind all our beautiful products and I have learned all the inner workings to help create these special products.

Much of my working life has been spent managing other people’s companies, whether controlling production, tracking inventory or scheduling the labor. So, when Ellen’s business started to grow, we talked about all the possibilities. We put together a plan and we prayed it would work.

It seems that the universe has blessed us 10 fold, we are so grateful. We don't have any special tricks or gimmicks, we are just working the best we can. Ellen is so thoughtful and caring with the customers and I work hard on the production of the product.

What comes back to us is a very happy customer, and sometimes a continuing friendship. I really enjoy these types of interactions because they are so different from my prior experiences.

Thank you so much to all or our customers, family and friends for your support.


Photo credit: Geneve Hoffman