Cards from Santa
Cards from Santa Cards from Santa Cards from Santa

Cards from Santa are back!  This special card arrives in a red envelope with the child's address in white calligraphy, Santa's address embossed on the back envelope flap, and postage for you to mail it at your leisure. 

This year we are offering two fun Christmas designs!  Of course the North Pole map is always a great choice with all the cute places in Santa's Village.  Our second choice is a colorful direction sign of the various North Pole locations.  

The message inside is the same for every child and reads as follows:

Dear (child's name),
You are such a good boy/girl!  I have you at the top of my "Nice"list!

Keep up the great work
Love, Santa
Christmas 2020

And we are also again offering cookie thank you note!  This little note will come in a red envelope just like the Letter from Santa, with Santa's embossed address on the back flap.  It is a hand written note thanking your child for the cookies! His or her name will be written in white calligraphy on the front of the envelope-similar to the address on the letter envelope!  

"Dear Susie,
Thank you so much for the snack! Merry Christmas!
Love, Santa"

Ordering note: If ordering a card or letter for more than one child in the same household and wish to have all the children's names on one cookie note, please just pay for one note and Santa's Elf (El) will check in about what names to include. No more than 3 names please. If there are more than 3 children in the household, the note will be addressed to "The (insert last name here) children".

Deadline for ordering Cards from Santa this year is December 1st. 


Cards from Santa Form
Please fill in the name of the child, their address, and if s/he is a boy or a girl.

Card Options & Quantity
$ 15.00
Shipping Details

If you do not receive an acknowledgement email within 3 business days of placing your order, please email El at We mail out the cards in the order that payments are received. You will have the option of paying by credit card or a check. If you choose the check option, your order will not be put in the mailing rotation until check has been received and cleared. Thank you for understanding.

The deadline for ordering a card from Santa is December 1, 2020.

**Please Note: Cards from Santa Shipping Policy**
All cards from Santa will be shipped USPS trackable mail to the purchaser. Then you can mail them out or hand deliver them at your leisure. If you wish to have cards sent to different households, we can certainly do that. Please order each card as a separate order so the shipping is charged correctly.