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Perfectionism Backfire-50% off calendar towel

OK, friends.  I want to tell you about a little perfectionism backfire we just experienced.

It's the time of year when I am painting all our new holiday designs, thinking about the items we need to order from our outside vendors, and the excitement about the upcoming holidays is building.  So many ideas and new artwork. I've had my gingerbread candle going with Christmas music playing to get me in the holiday spirit.

I spent a full week painting the design for our calendar towels this year. It was such a fun project...and when previewing the painting with friends and family and on social media, I received a wonderful response.

So at the end of September, the design was complete. It was set up and sized for print.  But before sending it off for print, I made a small change to the spacing on the bottom part of the design. Why can't I just leave well enough alone?! (Probably a whole other blog post there!)  The proof came in shortly after this...we both looked it over and approved it....and that was that!

We received our calendar towel order from California earlier this week, and I was so excited that we would have them in stock for our big holiday design launch next weekend.

2024 Calendar I Love Tea towel slightly imperfect

Bob was ironing the towels before packaging them this morning. As soon as he noticed the defect, Bob came upstairs carrying one of the new towels. He brought to my attention that a small part of the month of November is missing in the bottom line of the month (the bottom part of 24, 25, and 26 is missing).

After the initial feeling of heart in my throat-sick to my stomach- we had to find a practical solution.  We will be reordering our calendar towels and they will arrive at some point in mid-late November, with this error corrected, of course.

Because of this mistake, we can't sell them at full price, but they are so pretty we don't want Bob to use them as shop rags either.  So this first print run of our 2024 calendar towel will be sold at half price- $12 each while they last. You can clearly see the towel image on this page-and on the 2024 I Love Tea towel page

We've been told we can be a little more picky than most, so you may not even notice or mind this little fault.  As Bob said "mistakes happen", as I was beating myself up about missing this little detail.  

Bob and I feel so fortunate to do what we do-and to have a great base of understanding and appreciative friends and customers. Thank you for reading my apology here.  We are so looking forward to our big holiday product launch-as always the first weekend of November.

El & Bob