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NEW Notepads just in time for fall!

So many creative ideas as autumn approaches! And this year, since our wedding and craft show seasons aren't really happening, we decided to add some new products.  Introducing...drum roll, please...our new line of Notepads!

When I think of the fall, I think of getting organized.  The summer is so carefree with lots of outdoor time and less of a "schedule". Maybe that little kid part of me has just never grown up.  When September arrives, even though I'm not going back to school as a student (or a teacher-as in a former life!), it always feels like a time of reorganizing.  I like to clean up my studio, maybe rearrange furniture, and get ready for the busy season to come. 

El's Cards studio space

Photo by Melissa Mullen

Typically we have a lot of craft shows on the calendar, so we are usually prepping inventory for those. This year is different in that we will be totally focused on the website for the holiday season.  It's super exciting to actually have the time to devote to working on the website more, and developing some new items and designs. It's been so great to pick up a paintbrush.

6 notepad styles

Over the years, we have had requests for different items and many of these were for notepads.  I have always been interested in the idea of expanding our products to include things that aren't produced in house.  But both Bob and I are so particular about how things look-print quality, paper quality, packaging, we hadn't taken this step yet-until now!  So many changes in 2020.  Making this addition to our website is super exciting for us. 

The choices are diverse and the pad quality is excellent. It's a nice heavy sheet of paper-70#. And each pad is 100 sheets. For the introduction of these pads, we are offering the following designs:

pink floral notepad

And of course we are doing something special for the notepad introduction!  While they last, get a promo package of our fun and colorful gift tags with every notepad purchased!  Each package has one Christmas tag (Berries and  Boughs), one Birthday tag (Ice Cream Cones), and one Floral tag (Sunflower).  

Also, I want to give a shout out to our favorite new product sticker company, Sticker Mule. Of course we needed to order stickers for the notepads and thought it would be fun to also order some cute stickers for our little gift tag treat. 

Notepad with stickers and free gift

Just going off topic from the note pads, Sticker Mule just released 3 new tools, Trace​, Upscale​, & Redraw​ to help anyone create print-ready images that can then be turned into a sticker using your own photos. It's definitely worth checking them out!  The sticker quality is top notch and we are actually thinking of making stickers one of the products that we add to our product line.  Stay tuned for more on that.

Thank you so much for visiting the website and this blog.  It's an exciting time at El's Cards and we so appreciate all our wonderful customers!  We hope our new notepads make you smile.

Happy Listmaking!
El & Bob