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National Handwriting Day Wallpaper

We are happy to wish you a Happy National Handwriting Day!   When I was teaching second grade...I remember the kids being so excited to start learning cursive writing after the Christmas break!  To have a day that celebrates the importance of handwriting is so interesting.

To this day, I find that if I write something down, it really helps me to remember it.  Your handwriting is truly an expression of you.  Having a signature is something special.  Celebrate handwriting day by practicing your signature with some cool pens! Or send someone a personal note written by hand. Texts are great....but don't you feel so special when you receive a card or note in the mail?!

What better way to celebrate National Handwriting Day, than by a special event  Follow the instructions below to download your own wallpaper for your desktop, ipad, or smartphone! 

free wallpaper for handwriting day

Follow the steps below to put up your beautiful watercolor and calligraphy wallpaper. 

-Select the size you need:
Click here for 1920 x 1080 (widescreen)
Click here for 1024 x 768 (standard)
Click here for phone

-When the image opens, right click the image

-Select "save as" and label it as you wish...Calligraphy quote a place where you can find it.

-Go to your settings page in the computer

-Go to Personalization in the settings

-Browse images and grab it from where you have it saved.  It will set as home page wallpaper. If you have trouble, ask your favorite millennial for help!

Voila! You have a beautiful new wallpaper.
Happy early Valentine's Day!  Hope you enjoy the new card designs and our special "Vintage Valentines".  
El, Bob, and Spike