In Santa's Workshop-Letters and Cards from Santa

It's that time of year again!  One of our most popular items, Santa mail, takes center stage for the next month or so in anticipation of Christmas Eve.  These Letters from Santa have been going strong for 15 years now!  Over the years, I have written close to 1,000 letters and cards total!

This Card from Santa was to celebrate Declan's "Baby's First Christmas".

What exactly is the Letter from Santa?  It's a personalized letter written to a lucky recipient-either a child or an adult-full of all kinds of facts and information (which you provide)...that only Santa could know!    Santa has been known to put in a friendly reminder about brushing teeth...after eating a favorite snack of Twizzlers (or some other sugary treat!).  Santa recognizes achievements and sometimes gives encouragement.  Every single letter is different and unique to the lucky recipient!

I've written these letters for many children, adults as a fun surprise, and even for a few pets!   It has become a real Christmas tradition for many of our customers.  It is truly a highlight of my Christmas season!  It is so great to be a part of so many family celebrations.

Harper was surprised and excited to hear from Santa!

And because it is our 15th year for Letters from Santa, we are doing something special.  Starting the first of November through Thanksgiving, for every Letter from Santa ordered, we will send a special mixed package of 5 holiday tags! It's a great way to try out our of our most popular items.

 A couple of years ago, we added the Card for Santa, that is especially geared towards younger children.  This has become a popular item as well.  The card I use has our map of the North Pole design..full of all kinds of fun paintings and locations.

This is sweet Emelia!  She enjoyed receiving her "nice list" as she called it last year!

We have gotten some wonderful feedback over Santa mail over the past few years!  Take a peek here....

-The kids got VERY excited with the Santa cards…….the 6 yr old carried it around with him for 2 hours!  Have a wonderful Christmas!-Kathy-Kennebunk, Maine

-The letter was a huge hit and it was very beautifully done. Thank you so much.  Cullen was extremely excited and I think it bought us another year or two of Christmas Magic....and believing in Santa.  -Jenn, New Hampshire

-Thank you so much-it is beautiful. Rose's Elf on the Shelf delivered it this morning to her and she couldn't have been more excited. Pure magic. Thank you!  Merry Christmas! -Erin- San Francisco, California

- (after mailing notification email went out to the sender)  Riley has been wondering if Santa will send her a letter this year.  I've been doing these since they were born. Riley will be 6 in January. Thanks again, Ellen.  Merry Christmas!-Jonna-Haymarket,Virgina

-You've outdone yourself !!  Wow, I love all the special touches you put into Abigail's Santa letter !!  She was so cute reading it.  It was like the elf totally ratted her out on a few things :)  She LOVED it and so did we.  Thank you again for creating so much magic during this special season!-Colleen-Exeter, New Hampshire

-THANK YOU!  It really is so fun - I hope when my son is grown and has children of his own that he carries on the same tradition.-Sara-Kansas

Santa's Workshop...complete with lights, gingerbread candle, and Christmas music on my Pandora list to enliven the Christmas spirit!

We are taking orders for Letters from Santa through December 15th. This is a custom item, and letters are written in the order in which we receive them. So please be patient! They are worth the wait....and are truly enjoyed both by the children who receive them....and the parents too!