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A Sensible (and Beautiful) Choice for your Wedding

We are so excited to introduce a new item to our wedding collection!  For many years now, we have experienced the increasing popularity of our hand painted wedding seating charts with calligraphy (the splurge!) These pieces of art are definitely one of my favorite items to create, and each one is unique to the couple.  Because they are so customized, there may not always be room left in the budget for this beautiful piece of wedding decor (the hand painted version starts at $1,000).

Hydrangea charts

Well, now there is another wonderful option to our hand painted seating chart!  El's Cards is thrilled to introduce our new printed Seating Charts (the sensible)!  You can still enjoy our signature seating charts with many artwork styles, and the price point is more universal to many wedding budgets.  Starting at $240, the cost of this new featured item is comparable to the cost of escort cards.  And like the hand painted version, after the wedding, your seating chart is a special memento to hang in your home and enjoy for your life together.  In the above photo, you can see the hand painted hydrangea chart on the left, and the printed version is on the right.  Both a lovely choice, and now a possibility for most budgets!

Hydrangea Seating chart

Photo by Carly Michelle Photography

We use our own custom fonts on these pieces, and our own watercolor designs.  They come with a frame (2 frame styles offered-white farm wood or our signature barn wood) which is made of real wood in the USA.  Of course, I LOVE color!  So most of these charts are offered with combination designs from several different wedding suites.  For instance, "By the Sea"-shown below, includes mussel shells, oyster shells, starfish, and periwinkles. This would be a harmonious selection for your wedding reception if you have chosen any of the invitations from our beach (or even one of our nautical) wedding suites.

By the Sea Seating Chart

There is also an option of just having your guest seating assignments in one of our special fonts, and have your florist decorate the frame with fresh flowers.  This option does not have artwork....just the seating information, in a beautifully simple layout.  This suggestion was given to me by the talented Michelle Rose, of Minka Flowers- one of our favorite floral and decor vendors!   

Blueberries Seating chart

The Wild Blueberries seating chart above has the guest seating assignments listed in our NEW font called, Brianna!  I am so excited to introduce this new font to you.  Please do keep an eye out for some invitations using this unique, new font style.

This is the time of year when we are creating new invitation suites for the year to come, and meeting with many of our couples for the first time.  It is super exciting to have this new offering that makes the dream of having a seating chart more possible for you!  This format also works well for a large menu, ceremony program, or schedule of events.  Pricing for those items typically run a little lower than the seating chart, so email El for details if those pieces interest you!