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Custom Jar Tags for Homemade Jams

I met Chelsea and her Mom on a cold day in the winter of 2018. We had met years before at a craft show in Maine. They had been in to our favorite shop in Portland (Visibility), and the gals there referred Chelsea to us when she remarked on our cards! She had been hoping to work together on invitations, so the meeting was perfectly timed.

Chelsea was attracted to our Peony and Blueberries wedding invitation. She was hoping for a slightly different shade of pink for the flower, and I was happy to make that change for her.  Incorporating gold into the suite was also of importance, so I did the hand calligraphy for the guest envelopes with gold ink.

peony wedding invitationgold calligraphy on wedding envelopewedding welcome signcake sign lemon bartable with place settings and jam jarstable top menu with peonychocolate cake signwhoopie pie signwedding seating chart with peoniesjam jar favor with special tagblueberry dessert signcustom strawberry jam tagLove is sweet signapple dessert signcards signloving memory signhorizontal table menu in easelsmall whoopie pie sign

The wedding day items featured the peony and blueberry theme, with some greenery mixed in also. I was so excited to do the seating chart...which added one new design to our seating charts collection.  The peony blueberry design was also added to menus put on each table top.

The couple had decided to give each of their guests a fresh jar of homemade jam-blueberry, apple, or strawberry.  They asked us to design and print the favor tags to hang on the jam jars. This was a sweet was the dessert station they provided for their lucky guests.  We did fun signage for all the desserts too.

We did a large schedule of events sign to tell the guests what they could expect from the event!  This had illustrations for each event, as our small schedules include.  It was a fun and informative way to inform their guests of what was coming next.  There were several other signs, one especially honoring the groom's mom, and another honoring all of the loved ones who have gone before us.

Thank you so much, Chelsea and Christian, for allowing us to be a part of your wedding day.  Wishing you all the happiness in your life together!

And thank you Chelsea for your kind words!  El was an absolute pleasure to work with! She completely understood the vision we were looking for and was able to make every little detail come together perfectly. She was even able to change the flower color to make sure it matched. The invitations were completely stunning and our guests just loved them. We cannot thank El and Bob enough for all the hard work and making our vision come together!

Thank you Maine Mountain Media for the lovely photos.
Florals by Laurie Andrews Design